Jerky for Troops


How to Help   (please send all inquiries to )

·        Ranch owners and hunters can donate extra venison meat to be processed into jerky. 

·        Donations are accepted from those individuals and companies that are willing to help process and ship jerky overseas.  
·        Sponsor a Troop or Platoon- Friends or family that may have a loved one in our military, we encourage you to contact us and we will do what we can to have your Troop or Troop’s Platoon sponsored. 

·        Sponsor a Hunt for a troop or veteran.   

·        Donate money- No donation is too small or too big.  We appreciate those willing to help our troops. 

Jerky for Troops Events

We will be displaying our support at hunting and fishing shows around Texas this year.
Send an email to volunteer.

Jerky for Troops